Private cloud

A private cloud has its own non-shared infrastructure, but also has all the advantages of a regular cloud. This includes high availability, fast SAN storage and high flexibility. You can read more about these advantages on our public cloud page.

Extra advantages

A private cloud has many advantages over the public cloud. To name a few of them:

  • - Full resources available
  • - Full control through the cloud control panel
  • - Extra security through hardware firewalls and appliances
  • - Ability to comply with norms and standards (e.g. financial, medical)
  • - Ability to make your own choices in terms of quality and costs

The initial investment with a private cloud is higher than the public cloud or a dedicated server solution. If you are expecting fast growth, need flexibility and security, it will be well worth the investment. A slow website or application will limit your growth, downtime due to the lack of high availability can even destroy your companies reputation.