Dedicated servers

We offer three types of servers. Our express line mostly is on stock and can be up in a matter of minutes. The metered servers have the maximum network speed with a monthly bandwith package, the unmetered servers are limited to either 10 or 100 Mbit. All servers have 1 IP included (max. 5).

Gbit connection

We only use 48 ports Gbit switches for all our servers. This ensures maximum speed for your dedicated server. Please try our testfile on our network page.

Permanent KVM over IP

Almost all our servers have IPMI or DRAC Enterprise by default. Both include full power control and permanent KVM over IP. In case of problems you can always connect to your server, as if you were in the datacenter with a monitor, keyboard and mouse directly attached.

Auto provisioning

Servers can be auto provisioned with most common Operating Systems. This is made possible by our PXE installation system. In case of problems or if you want to switch OS, you can do this without our help.

Custom servers

A major part of our servers are customized to the clients wishes. Please send us your requirements by mail and we will mail you an offer. Custom servers can be delivered quickly, most of the time within 5 working days.