Extra options

There are many extra options available in the order process, these are listed below.

Rack options

Extra units:

- 1U: €15,-
- 2U: €30,-
- 3U: €45,-

Network options

Please contact us for any custom quotes.

Extra IPs are 2 euro per IP per month and we require a valid reason for them (following RIPE guidelines). We can announce your own IP-space for free!

Backup space

It is possible to order backup space on our platform, so you don't have to rack extra servers to set it up yourself. By selecting one of our backup options you will get a NFS or iSCSI storage solution for your backups. Backups are stored in a different datacenter.

- 50GB: €15,-
- 100GB: €25,-
- 250GB: €50,-

Control panels

We support the control panels below. If you would like to have anything that is not on the list, please contact us.

- cPanel: €29,-
- DirectAdmin: €7,50
- Plesk 30 domains: €8,-
- Plesk 100 domains: €17,-
- Plesk 300 domains: €25,-
- Plesk unlimited: €30,-