We offer colocation from just 1U up to multiple racks. Colocation is offered from Switch Datacenters in Amsterdam in our own YISP-AS network. Colocation contracts are per 12 months.

Free easy-hands

Our office is located close to the datacenter and you benefit from this through our free easy-hands. Free easy-hands means we will fix small problems, perform reboots, handle reinstalls and all other small non-urgent tasks for free (up to 15 minutes per task).

High power capacity

Power capacity is one of the limiting factors in colocation nowadays. Switch Datacenters has 28A per rack available at 15 cents per kwh power usage!

Quality Datacenter

Switch Datacenters in Amsterdam is a high quality facility located near all the large datacenters in Amsterdam. From the network to UPS systems, generators and cooling: everything is fully redundant. For more information on the Datacenter, please check the datacenter page.