Windows Cloud VPS

Our standard packages range from 256MB to 4096MB RAM. It is possible to get up to 95GB RAM, please request a custom quote if your needs differ from the packages below. All packages include 1 core by default because of the extra licensing costs. It is possible to add cores at €15, per month per core.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Miami, United States

Cloud VPS 512

1 cpu core
20GB disk
400GB traffic
€25,- / month

Cloud VPS 1024

1024MB RAM
1 cpu core
30GB disk
600GB traffic
€32,50 / month

Cloud VPS 2048

2048MB RAM
1 cpu core
50GB disk
800GB traffic
€45,- / month

Cloud VPS 4096

4096MB RAM
1 cpu core
75GB disk
1TB traffic
€62,50 / month