Cloud VPS

We offer our VPS services in a redundant cloud setup. This has many advantages such as high availability, fast distributed storage and high flexibility. We also have many templates available and offer a 7 day money-back guarantee! All VPS options have a 100 Mbit network connection and 1 IP included (max. 5).

High availability

The complete cloud platform is redundant and supports failover. When the hypervisor with your VPS fails it will automatically be started at one of the other hypervisors. In case of maintenance, we can simply migrate your VPS without any downtime or loss of data.

Fast distributed storage

We are using a 10Gbit powered distributed storage setup for all Cloud VPS storage. On our Amsterdam Cloud we only use SSDs and in Miami SAS drives.

High flexibility

It is possible to upgrade or downgrade your package anytime. Our platform can even add RAM without a reboot! All actions can be done without our intervention.

Many templates

We have many different templates and Operating Systems you can choose from. This includes the lastest Centos, Debian, Elastix, Gentoo and Ubuntu releases. Please check the extra options page.

Money-back guarantee

We have a 7 day money-back policy. This means that if you don't like our services you will get your money back, no questions asked. Only license costs will not be refunded.